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Look Who’Stalking’

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When the earliest promos of 3 idiots came out, the visuals were always of a Math class. I had the audacity to believe that the movie script should somehow have a HeyMath! plugin. So, I headed to IIM Bangalore where the movie was being shot to try my luck with the Director.

Plan B was to get Aamir Khan to wear the HeyMath! t-shirt on his daily runs. I achieved only plan Z which was to somehow meet the 3 stars and take pictures with them.

* Background Art Credit: Nirmala Sankaran

People who achieve ‘rockstar’ status in their respective fields and celebrities in general are alluring to me. I always wonder what they are like face to face and one on one. The caption of this section might make me sound a bit weird but honestly my intent is driven purely by curiosity and intrigue. My first brush with stalking (!) was when I was 18 and the West Indies cricket team visited Delhi for a test series. I was all dreamy about the possibility of meeting Clive Lloyd at a party. Eventually, that did not happen but at least I convinced a friend to get me an autograph. Opportunities for running into cricketers opened up big time after Park Sheraton (a 5 min walk from my home in Chennai) was designated as the CSK ‘adda’. With zero guilt, I co-opted my 2 girls in these misdemeanours! 

Some planned, Some serendipitous....

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

~ Maya Angelou

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